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Dj Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Sasha Le Monnier Remix)
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Author:  twistedvinyl [ 15 Sep 2012, 11:18 ]
Post subject:  Dj Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Sasha Le Monnier Remix)

Beatport Progressive Staff Picks for week ending 15th September 2012


Distances EP Part 1
1. DJ Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Original Mix)
2. DJ Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Adrianos Papadeas & George Mathiellis Remix)
3. DJ Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Harri Agnel Remix)
4. DJ Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Mario & Eric J Remix)
5. DJ Noor & Stefan Addo - Distances (Sasha Le Monnier Remix)

Feedback from Dj's supporting Sasha Le Monnier Remix

Yamil Colucci- Thanks S, good sounds here, will play, thanks!
Silinder - Sounding good Sasha, thanks :)
Ioan Gamboa -Loving it! awesome rework! thx
Luis Bondio - good job Sasha!! ;)
Scotty.A - Great remix, thanks for sharing ;)
Pete McCarthey - cool i like it
Johan Nilsson - Nice deep and groovy. Definitely enjoying this. Full support!
Ryan Luciano - Great Remix Sasha! Really feeling this one! Thanks Again for sending!
Kasey Taylor - nice one Sasha!
steve mcgrath - class :-)
George Kapardelis - Very cool remix. Really like the prog melodic elements. Will play in every chance, thanks!
Chris Sterio - Very nice vibe and atmosphere
Denis Bozman - Beautiful remix!!!
Matt Black - Nice remix Sasha, lovely build up
Summer (Brendon Collins) - Great stuff thanks Sasha
Garrett S- Outstanding track fitting of the name.
Chad McNeely - Nice progression on the track! Thanks for sending:)D00sh - very good, love the groove here, superb!!
Mac Gregor - Nice track Great atmosphere Good job.
Sean McClellan - Another brilliant release for Mistique Music and another beautiful remix by Sasha! Full Support.
Ryan Papa- Cool stuff Sasha - thanks for sending!
Bobby deep - great stuff here..will def use this one -
Nikki Flame Jordan = Love the stabs on this great forward motion too and atmosphere...nice bassline groove too, full support, One Love,
Kenny Substance = lovin this remix Sasha! Thanks!!
dPen - Love it!!!
D00sh - lovely trac, liking the vibes on this one, very cool!
Cave Sedem - Nice atmosphere here, downloading!
Haazy - Very good stuff, keep up the great work SLM :)
Wez Saunders - Loving the melodic progression throughout, very much traditional early-set progressive house, would also work late on. Great work as always from SLM :)
Ryan Sullivan - Sounding great Sasha. Solid, driving rhythm with beautiful emotion. Keep em coming!

Support also from Rafael Osmo, N-tchbl, Cut Knob, d-phrag , Kay Mikado , Johan Nilsson ,Matteo Monero, Mitrinique ( Madloch), Andrez ( Shopping Therapy) + others on VIP Ultima Promo and also Support from Release Promo Pool.

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